Natural Living Skills 1 County Wicklow

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1 day

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All year round


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Gather those close to you - family, friends and colleagues - for a one day adventure in a private wilderness in Country Wicklow. This Natural Living Skills programme is all about reconnecting, understanding and appreciating nature.

Get outdoors and spend the day and an optional night at this private wilderness site in the woods along the banks of the beautiful river Avonmore.

This 'Day In The Woods' programme is all about getting out, having fun and learning some skills. Our location is a beautiful and natural wild environment and a perfect place to unwind, practice outdoor skills and a chance to reconnect with nature.

The campfire will be lit and will have large kettles hanging over it with water on the boil for anyone looking for hot drinks. The morning programme will start at 10am with a break for lunch at 12.45pm. Afternoon activity resumes at 1.30pm and we finish our day at 4.30pm - 5pm.

We have a short but adventurous loop walk around the site which will bring you through the forest and along by the river and up to our tree tent and hammock camping area. This spot was used to film scenes from the popular TV series Vikings, who left behind some beautiful tree carvings. Archery is offered here and what a better place to shoot some arrows.

Our Natural Living Skills programme will give everyone an insight and understanding of firecraft - including fire by friction, managing your fire for both cooking and warmth, making water safe to drink, modern and emergency shelters and essential knots. The programme is delivered in a friendly and informal manner. Previous experience is not essential - you just need to have a love for the outdoors and interested to learn more about it!

Subjects covered during the course of the day include the following:


  • Harvesting and processing fuel
  • Choosing a safe location for your fire
  • Natural and man-made tinder
  • Making char cloth
  • Making festhering sticks
  • Making a flame / methods
  • Fire lays
  • Fire safety / leave no trace


  • Modern set up options for tarps and knots used
  • Modern hammock set up options and simple knots used
  • Primitive debris shelters


  • Importance of wanter and the human body
  • Making water safe to drink
  • Filtering water - example of improvised and modern filter systems
  • Methods of water purification

Campfire Cooking

  • Managing your fire for cooking
  • Mixing and cooking Bannock bread
  • Campfire treats


  • Everyone will get to make their own paracord survival bracelet

Your guide

Tipi Adventures Ireland

Tipi Adventures Ireland (TAI) is inspired by love for the outdoors. Ed Ledesma established TAI in early 2013 with a view to offering unique wilderness adventure camps with an educational aspect, giving people an opportunity to learn new skills and a have a better understanding and appreciation of what nature has to offer. Camping with family and close friends allows everyone an opportunity to wind down and enjoy each others' company with the simpler things in life.

In addition to camping, Ed and the Tipi Adventures Ireland team also offer mountain craft, guided hikes, rock climbing, archery and kayaking. All based in County Wicklow at a dedicated wilderness of over 50 acres, which has forests, a river and meadows. Note: that the TAI team can also guide you on bespoke adventures across Ireland.

Additional info

Participants will receive our "Natural Living Skills Embroidered Patch".

Day programme with option to stay overnight.  Day programme cost is €65 with a light lunch included & overnight stay €100 pp (ie - an extra €35).


  • All meals during the adventure
  • Lunch/ snacks

Not Included

  • Personal activity insurance

How to get there

Car from Dublin

· Head South on the M50/ M11 for Rathnew/ Wicklow

· Take the exit for Rathnew/ Wicklow then head for Rathdrum village

· Coming in to Rathdrum village, take the road R755 towards Laragh village

· Gates are on the right about 2.4kms from Rathdrum.

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