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Wilderness Now is an outdoor adventure marketplace, focused on linking customers with the best independent guides and activity providers in the UK, Ireland and also Australia.

How it works:

  • FREE to List: We list you / your company and the specific activities you offer on our site for free.
  • Not Exclusive: You can continue to list your activities elsewhere; we don’t require exclusivity.
  • No Obligation: Enquiries from customers come directly to you - you get to accept all bookings in advance or we can manage instant bookings via a shared calendar / integrated tool.
  • Getting Started: Our guide support team will do all the heavy lifting to help create your profile and activity listings on the platform so it’s easy for you to get on-board.
  • Global Marketing: We market the site globally - with a focus on the UK, North American & Australian adventure seekers - to drum up customers.
  • Commission / Payments : From April 2019 we will charge a commission on the bookings which come through us (normally 15%). When the customer pays, the funds go straight into your bank account, minus our commission.

Interested? Then please complete this short application form below and tell us about your guiding activity and / or business. This should take less than 10 minutes. Once completed a member of the Wilderness Now team will contact you to arrange an  introductory call - normally within 2 business days. If you any have questions please email our MD directly: dylan[at]

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does it work?

There are just three steps to becoming part of our community:

  1. Tell us about your adventures and guiding services via the form above. Assuming it meets our quality and safety standards, a member of the Wilderness Now team will be in touch to schedule a call.
  2. Once we know all about you and your adventure offerings, we will create a unique adventure profile for you to approve (100% FREE to list).
  3. Once you’re happy with your profile page, put the kettle on and let the customers come to you!


How does payment and booking work? How much does it cost me?

It is 100% free to list your company and services on Wilderness Now.

Potential customers will come to you via one of two flows:

  1. Request to Book: customer email or we call you directly to you to confirm their desired itinerary / date / price and other details. We have tools and systems in place, which help streamline this process for you. We will explain this to once you are on-board.
  2. Instant Book: If you provide scheduled activities, you can use our Instant Booking flow, which allows customers to book and pay securing online in a matter of minutes. We will work with you to ensure the schedule and availability is all lined up.

When the customer pays, the funds go straight into your bank account, minus our commission, which is normally 15% (this commission also includes any credit card / online payment processing fees).


What if I have to cancel a customer booking?

Sometimes cancelation is unavoidable and it’s important in these circumstances to let your customer know as soon as possible. You could offer suggestions of an alternative guide / activity in the area or a different date.

If all else fails then a full refund must be given. We can advise on how to manage this and will handle the straightforward refund process for payments we’ve processed.


Why do you ask for insurance/qualification documents?

Wilderness Now prides itself on offering the very best guides and activities on offer in the UK and Ireland so the safety of customers is of upmost importance to us.

To ensure excellent provision, we ask all our guides to provide documents showing their insurance, first aid and qualifications relevant to their adventure offering.


What if I don’t have any great images to upload?

We have a bank of excellent images we can use to boast your profile page visually. However we do recommend you take your own images so your potential customers know exactly what to expect.

Simply snap away on your phone on a bright sunny day to capture your adventure offerings – but remember to always get permission from those you are photographing for online use.


How do I set my prices?

We have a wealth of experience at Wilderness Now – why not phone us for a chat and some helpful advice. We also run regular Q&A sessions and have a quarterly “Campfire Catch Up” newsletter, which includes lots of valuable hints and tips.

We are very much a community here at Wilderness Now so we will always do all we can to help!